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Wave after wave

It comes

Over and over 

Tumbling, bumbling

Crashing and careening

Ground shifting underneath 

Unstable and cold

Never ending in it’s onslaught 

Life lines thrown

Buoys missed 

Pounding mercilessly 

Where is the break in the storm?

Fight, push toward the shore

Tired, weary

Don’t give up

Don’t ever give up .


A lens, a filter

somewhat off kilter


Bent and cracked

completely off track


Leads to distorted views

and mistranslated cues


Twisted scenes

unclear, sometimes mean


Mistakes made critical

all assumptions theoretical


Hard to see

what could truly be


Blink away the film, rub your eyes

it is the end of your tries.








Scented on the breeze

something new sets me at ease

the sun a little brighter

smiles a little wider

fluttering lashes graze

cheeks a blaze

all fun no games

no room for blame or shame

nice guys do finish first

I promise no hurts

only sweetness